South Carolina Election Law Attorneys

South Carolina Election Lawyers

South Carolina Election Law Attorneys Can Help You Navigate South Carolina Election Law

Election Law AttorneysWhether you’re a newcomer to politics or have held a state or local government office position for ages, understanding and navigating the often-times confusing SC election laws is crazy and difficult to understand. The SC election law lawyers in the Strom Law Firm, L.L.C. have been actively involved with South Carolina politics for more than 20 years. Our SC election law experience enables our lawyers to lawyer offer fresh strategy to new candidates and present office-holders through the campaign process. Our understanding of SC election law and federal campaign laws can help you throughout the procedure. We are able to assist you to finish the documents and forms essential to make you an official candidate, make sure that you meet all required deadlines, and show you through the procedure of finishing political action reports.

Ethics Disclosures in South Carolina

The South Carolina election law lawyers in the Strom Law Firm offer assistance and advice on campaign finance and disclosure. Your South Carolina election law staff presents campaign finance, election legislation, and ethics training. We work hard to make sure that each of our clients complies with all the relevant state and national campaign guidelines that establish the amount and source of funding a person can use for that campaign. Furthermore, our South Carolina campaign ethics lawyers have audited the ethics disclosure reports of various elected representatives to verify the accuracy of their filings and make sure the reports are in compliance with South Carolina ethics laws.

Types of cases/services we election law attorneys offer to elected officials, appointed commissioners, and government employees include:

  1. Assessing unique and certain situations to decide whether there is a conflict of interest with regard to pending votes or other ethical problems, including potential violations of the South Carolina Ethics Act.
  2. Help with the preparation of personal financial disclosure reports and a statement of economic interest.

The Strom Law Firm’s state and local government law practice will also:

  1. Counsel businesses, not-for-profits, lobbyists and individuals regarding state, local and federal restrictions on contributions to campaigns within compliance with FEC laws.
  2. Advise current and former public officials regarding “revolving door” prohibitions and restrictions after leaving public office.
  3. Represent clients in enforcement proceedings before the South Carolina Ethics Commission, the SC House of Representatives ethics committee, the SC Senate Ethics Committee and other regulatory legislative bodies involving alleged violations of conflict of interest, improper reimbursement as well as other various ethics law violations allegations.

If you are campaigning for an elected office or currently hold an elected governmental position, the Strom Law firm South Carolina election law attorneys offer experienced representation, as well as campaign finance, election law, and ethics advice and training. Call our campaign finance, election law and ethics and campaign law attorneys today for a free, confidential consultation to learn more about how we can help.

Voter Fraud In South Carolina

Voter Fraud In South Carolina

Voter Fraud In The Palmetto State

Voter Fraud Defense AttorneyVoter fraud across the country is a very real and very serious thing. In this state, in Richland County, under the debacle direction of Lillian McBride, rampant voter fraud occurred. Uncounted ballots were found locked away in closets, people waited in line to vote for UP TO SEVEN  HOURS. Machines didn’t work, etc. McBride was specifically asked to use 30% fewer machines than ever before… And the voting results were somehow upheld. Yet, her complete ineptitude is the tip of the voter fraud iceberg. Voter fraud can rear its ugly head in many forms including: voting twice, falsely registering to vote, impersonating a voter, and even corrupt officials misusing their office/staff to vote/sway the election in their favor. If you have been charged with voter fraud, it doesn’t mean you’re guilty! You still have the right to a defense and to protect your freedom and future. If you’ve been charged with voter fraud in the State of South Carolina, you need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately!

SC Statute Is As Follows

SC Statute

Penalties For Voter Fraud

Voting more than once at elections

The penalties for a conviction of voting more than once is a fine at the court’s discretion and prison time of up to three years.

Impersonating a voter

The penalties for for a conviction of impersonating a voter is prison time up to three years and a fine ranging from $300-$1,200. If bonded out of jail, the bond must be between $600-$1,200.

If You Are Facing Voter Fraud Charges

Don’t wait to reach out to a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney that can help protect your future and freedom. Please call today.

Identity Theft Criminal Defense Attorneys

Identity Theft Attorneys

Accused of SC Identity Theft Charges?

SC Identity Theft ChargesIdentity theft is act of assuming and stealing the identity of others, or using someone else’s information. Such an act is a criminal act. Typically identity theft is committed for monetary gain or to obtain the benefits of another individual.

Whether obtained by digging through a garbage receptacle, hacking into a computer, looking through public records, or hacking into a credit card network, identity theft can and may lead to criminal charges. If you have been accused of identity theft, you need to retain a SC identity theft attorney immediately to help protect your future.

The five major types of SC identity theft that may lead to criminal charges include:

Identity Theft

If you are facing SC identity theft charges, it is imperative that you reach out to and retain an identity theft attorney immediately. The prison time can can be extremely lengthy and the fines can be severe. These criminal defense attorneys are well-versed in these charges and know what you’re looking at if convicted. We’ll work aggressively to fight for your name, reputation, freedom, and future. Please call today!